Welcome to the website of the Fülöp Guesthouse in Bogács

guesthouse, bogacs, apartman, hotelThe village is situated at the Bükk Mountain with wonderful surroundings and famous for its medicative water, excellent wines and the hospitality of the people living there. It is located 10 kilometres from Mezőkövesd and 18 kilometres from Eger. Plenty of natural beauty can be found here, such as thermal water( 72 Celsius degree), excellent grapes and the wines made from them. All of these above mentioned attrect the people who want to have a good fun and rest, as well.

guesthouse, bogacs, apartman, hotelThe Fülöp family’s guesthouse can be found in one of the most beautiful part of the village called Zöldváralja. It is provided with four rooms for all requirements, a huge yard and a terrace with roof. A small cottage for four people with unique athmosphere is also available here. Furthermore two other guesthouses are available for those who want to visit and have a rest. The world famous thermal bath, the fishing lake and the cellars are only a five-minute walk from the guest house.

guesthouse, bogacs, apartman, hotelThe guest houses are waiting for their guests all year. Please, visit the websites and choose the available for you.

If you are interested in any of the guesthoses, do not hesitate, contact us. On-line booking is also available. Be our guest in our accommodation in Bogács at the Bükk Mountain.

Tibor Fülöp